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Method Tracking Code Plugin

  • 02/18/2014 5:23 PM
  • WordPress
This plugin was created to enable clients who have websites built using the WordPress platform to easily insert the website metrics tracking code for the Measure module in the Method application. Clients who have administrator access to WordPress simply need to install and activate the plugin, and then enter their Client ID.  After entering the Client ID it will automatically match the domain with the site assigned to your installation and then retrieve/insert the code into the header of WordPress.

Installation Instructions:
How to Install the Method Tracking Code plugin for WordPress

* Added custom menu icon
* Moved images into an images folder
* Added logo to options page
* Cleaned up table so text field an button were on same row
* Added simple instructions in row above text field
* Removed textarea from form
* Added function to update_option with returned data from query

* Added text field for Client ID
* Queries server to retrieve list of sites assigned to installation
* Matches domain of WordPress install against sites assigned to installation.
* Returns tracking code of matching site and prints in textarea
* Changed to insert code into wp_head

* Initial release with simple textarea to paste code and submit
* Tracking code inserted in wp_footer

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